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Blog - Employee Spotlight_ Ben Nikkel
Employee stories Blog

Team Member Spotlight: Ben Nikkel named 2022 Emerging Leader

Director of Materials Management and Customer Service Ben Nikkel has been named one of Production Machining's Emerging Leaders of 2022!

Blog - 2022 Summer Interns
Employee stories Blog

Meet our 2022 Summer Interns

We kicked off our 2022 Summer Internship Program just a few weeks ago, and our 11 energetic interns are already settling in at Hirsh Precision and have quickly become an integral part of our team.

Blog - Caitlin Burg, Inventory Manager
Employee stories Blog

Caitlin Burg: A Manufacturing Career in the Making

At Hirsh Precision, our efforts to develop our talent include creating career paths for our team members, providing opportunities for them to cross-train and expand their skillset, and maintaining a culture that prioritizes learning and self-improvement.

Blog - Advance your MFG Career
Career insights Blog

10 Ways to Advance your Manufacturing Career

Following a recent webinar hosted by several of our engineering, machining, and quality experts, we’ve assembled 10 proactive steps that students and young professionals can take to advance their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Video - Career Development with Luis Gonzalez
Employee stories Video

Career Development with Luis Gonzalez

We asked our some of our employees "what's the most exciting thing about working at Hirsh?" - tune in to hear their answers! 

Blog - Jordan Eisel, QA Specialist
Employee stories Blog

Jordan Eisel: Learning Manufacturing from the Ground Up

Where everyone’s encouraged to ask questions, be curious and enhance their skills, it has created a very powerful learning environment for both experienced professionals and those who are new to the industry.

Blog - Career opportunities in manufacturing
Career insights Blog

Career Opportunities in Manufacturing: Breaking into the Industry

This past October, Hirsh Precision participated in the Manufacturing Institute’s MFG Day 2021, an annual event that both celebrates the manufacturing industry and promotes the numerous career opportunities.

Blog - Zach Mullen, Cell Leaed
Employee stories Blog

Zach Mullen: From Production Machinist to Cell Leader

Hirsh Precision has a long history of providing high-quality manufacturing services across the Front Range area, and if you asked anyone on our team what’s the secret to our success, they would tell you it’s our team.

Webinar - MFG Day 2021
Career insights Webinar

Manufacturing Careers: Breaking into the Industry

To celebrate Manufacturing Day this year, we hosted our first-ever career development webinar! In addition to a virtual tour, our 2 panels discussed breaking into the manufacturing industry, what the future of manufacturing holds, and how this will affect career paths and opportunities. Listen in! 

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