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"The thing that sets Hirsh Precision apart is absolutely our culture and our people. Talented, creative, passionate, engaged people who are really unified around this common purpose: to serve our customers well."

President & CEO

"What excites me about Hirsh Precision is being able to work with a great team. We've been in business now for over 41 years and it feels like we're doing something special."

Director of Quality & Strategic Projects

"I'm so very fortunate to learn what I've gotten to learn at Hirsh because we care so much about doing things correctly, doing it correctly the first time, taking care of our customers, and attention to detail."

CMM Programmer

"Manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, people who understand computer science, accounting, project planning...you could have a background in just about anything and find a way to apply it here. It's getting to be a very diverse group of people working in manufacturing."

Quality Assurance Specialist

"There are lots of manufacturing businesses in this country and we're all using very similar technologies to produce components, but what really sets Hirsh apart is the team. It's the people and the culture that we've developed in the company."

Founder & Director of Engineering

"I think Hirsh is so special because we work so well as a team. I think that's such a gift, and because we know each other and care about each other, it's just really easy." 

Inventory Manager

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