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Join an innovative, industry-leading team that's setting the standard for the future of America's manufacturing.

Why Hirsh

At Hirsh Precision, people come first. We pride ourselves on creating a culture and environment that recognizes the individual importance of our team members and provides interesting challenges that cause team members to stay with us for 5, 10, 20 and even 30 years!

Career Trajectory

Whether you're a seasoned expert or are coming into manufacturing with a blank slate, Hirsh Precision is a place where you can plan, map out, and scale your career. You want to go places, and we'll help you get there.

Training & Development

Our goal is to empower the team at Hirsh Precision with every tool they need to build the career of their dreams, including resources like tuition reimbursement, online training courses, mentorships, and external learning opportunities.

Advanced Technology

From automation to AI and cloud-based software, Hirsh invests in the latest technology at every turn. Every year we're improving, which means our team gets to work with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry.

Innovative Industries

We partner with leading engineers and supply chain experts from some of the most influential and innovative industries from around the globe, including aerospace, medical device, scientific, water, and industrial.

Join our Team

As one of the largest industries in the country, the opportunities in the manufacturing industry are limitless. Whether your background is in engineering, machining, assembly, supply chain, or programming, rest assured – there is something for you!


Solve problems & develop solutions across the aerospace, medical, scientific & industrial sectors.


Whether it’s CNC machines or a CMM, put your programming skills to the test with new challenges every day.


Work alongside our industry experts and best-in-class machining technology to deliver high-quality, precision parts.

Supply Chain

Lead the charge in helping our customers shorten their supply chains and get their products to market.

Life at Hirsh

The physical, mental, and financial well-being of our employees is essential to our team’s success. We’re committed to providing the best-possible resources so our team can take care of themselves on and off the clock.


Ask any team member what their favorite thing about working at Hirsh, odds are they’ll tell you it’s the team.

Health & Wellness

We’ve assembled the best-possible resources so our team can stay physically and mentally healthy.

Financial Well-Being

We partner with our team members to invest in the future, help them save for a rainy day, and enhance their career.

Work-Life Balance

Between paid holidays and time-off, we want our employees to take time for their families and enjoy Colorado!

Love where you live


If you love the outdoors, then you’ve come to the right place. Few states can match Colorado in terms of outdoor adventure. Whether you’re skiing in the Rockies or hiking the Flatirons, there’s something to do year-round.


Whether for yourself or your family, it would be a challenge to find a better place than Colorado to get an education. From the public schools to universities, technical colleges to trade schools, you’ll find the schooling you’re looking for.

Arts & Culture

Live music, art, theatre and festivals – there’s never a dull moment in Colorado. Whether you’re exploring one of Denver’s creative districts or a cozy mountain town , your weekends will never be boring.

Night Life

Colorado’s known for many things, and night life is definitely one of them. Local restaurants, craft breweries, creative districts, and music venues make Colorado the perfect place to live, explore and have fun!

"There are lots of manufacturing businesses in this country and we're all using very similar technologies to produce components, but what really sets Hirsh apart is the team. It's the people and the culture that we've developed in the company."

Founder & Director of Engineering

"What excites me about Hirsh Precision is being able to work with a great team. We've been in business now for over 41 years and it feels like we're doing something special."

Director of Quality & Strategic Projects

"I'm so very fortunate to learn what I've gotten to learn at Hirsh because we care so much about doing things correctly, doing it correctly the first time, taking care of our customers, and attention to detail."

CMM Programmer

"The thing that sets Hirsh Precision apart is absolutely our culture and our people. Talented, creative, passionate, engaged people who are really unified around this common purpose: to serve our customers well."

President & CEO

"I think Hirsh is so special because we work so well as a team. I think that's such a gift, and because we know each other and care about each other, it's just really easy." 

Inventory Manager

"Manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, people who understand computer science, accounting, project planning...you could have a background in just about anything and find a way to apply it here. It's getting to be a very diverse group of people working in manufacturing."

Quality Assurance Specialist

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